Hi ThanksTank friends! Silly us we finished filling the tank months ago but we never took pictures of the final tankmates. VidCon happened and things got a little crazy over here. So without further ado we would like you to meet Clarice, Jamin, Shellshark and Meghan Murowanyj. These are Black Tetras and they have been doing great since they’ve been in the tank. Now that the tank is full we will be going back and adding some of the fish that we lost over the last nine months. Thanks again for your support of SciShow. Hopefully we will have an inside the tank video soon. 

The ThanksTank has some more inhabitants. First there is a fish that we are calling Vsauce. Her full name can be seen above. She plus her friends Michael DiScala and Cody are Green Tiger Barbs. They are very pretty fish and extremely fast which makes them hard to take pictures of. Next there is Dave and Bailey who are Dwarf Gourami. These two are really pretty fish. They like hanging out next to Papa the plastic plant. Then there is Hank. We figured we would include a picture of the leader of the ThanksTank. Look at the awesome fish. Only four more fish to go! 

The ThanksTank has some new tankmates. First we would like to introduce you to Lars and Josh our new clown loach fish. These two are super cool and pretty dang fast. They definitely brighten up the tank with their pretty colors. Next there is the Silver Hatchetfish Gang that consists of Tesla, Heather and Pluto. They have these giant fish “chins” that really make them stand out. They stick together most of the time and tend to stay towards the top of the tank. All the other fish are super happy and healthy. We are almost at a full tank which is very exciting. If your fish hasn’t been shown yet they will be shortly. Thanks for supporting the ThanksTank!

Hello from the ThanksTank!! We’ve had some new friends move in this week. I like to call them the Catfish Gang. The Guppy Gang was getting a little pushy so we needed another gang in the tank to even the playing field. First there is Timmy Dee and Beerzler. They are Cory Catfish. They seem to stick together most of the time. They hang out at the bottom so they are sometimes hard to get a picture of. Also you’ll notice Wee Mike photobombed me. That’s sooo Wee Mike. Next there is Sandy and Trovato. They are Peppered Cory Catfish. Both of these fish hide almost constantly. Sandy really likes hiding in the Papa plant. Trovato likes hiding under our new rock formation. Speaking of that rock formation I’d like to introduce you to Mount McDoobly Doo! The fish seem like their new decoration and we think it’s a great fit. Lastly Hank fish wanted to say hi so we took a picture of him. He’s so handsome. That’s all for now! 

Hello from the ThanksTank! We have some new friends that we would like to introduce you to. First off we have Chovie and Wee Mike. These two are algae eater fish. We know that doesn’t sound very exciting but they are super important to the tank and we are glad to have them on board. They are not the biggest fish but they have gigantic appetites. Second there is Callie Awesome Sauce. Callie is a Blue  Gourami. She kind of looks like a blue Hank with big whiskers. She is pretty awesome. Next there is Julien and Eden. These two are Silver Dollar fish. They are huge. By far they are the biggest fish in the tank. They seem to stay pretty close to each other most of the time. The Guppy Gang likes to follow these two around and pester them. It’s fun to watch. Last but not least is Emma. Emma is a Gold Giant Danio. Emma is extremely fast and rarely stops moving. This was the best picture we could get of her. 

The ThanksTank is filling up and we couldn’t be happier. We realize that there are still more fish to get in there and don’t worry if you purchased one they will make it in there. We are just taking it slow so the tank has time to adjust. Hopefully we will have some new video soon. :)

We got some new fish! First there is Zeeh and Inkblot. They are Balloon Belly Mollies. They are both loners and have decided to hang out in the corners away from the other fish. They have giant bellys and are super cool. Next there is Sake and Matty Wayne. They are Pineapple Mickey Mouse Platys. These two are very colorful and do not leave each other’s side ever. They also seem to be making friends with the Guppy Gang. Next is Amish Amy. She is a Silver Lyretail Molly. She is very pretty. She looks like a silver Gigi. Watch out Gigi she is coming for you. Last is Kaine and Liz. They are Cherry Barbs. These two also stay very close to each other and have been spending a lot of time by the plants. Everyone else is doing well. The Guppy Gang likes to chase the other fish around. Enivro Shuttle and Baltazar and best buds. More to come…

Say hello to the Guppy Gang. They are the newest additions to the ThanksTank. It’s hard to tell in the picture but the yellow ones do have slightly different markings so we can tell them a part. So far they don’t leave each other’s sides even for a second. They may be small but they have strength in numbers. All the rest of the fish in the tank are doing great. We promise to have some fish gossip soon and we will get a new video of the tank posted. 

Favorite time of the day is feeding time. Sorry for the lack of updates. We lost a couple fish which we were told would happen. After that we decided to slow down the process of adding fish. We’ve added a lot of plants to help the water and now the tank seems to be at 100%. You should start seeing more posts soon. We love these fish and take their well being very seriously. 

We put a GoPro in the tank to get some underwater footage. Enjoy! Also we will be adding more fish soon. We don’t want to shock the tank with too many fish at once. We love those little fish. 

We put our new GoPro camera in the ThanksTank today. Awesome video coming soon! Enviro Shuttle was very interested in it.